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Last updated on Tuesday 13 July at 10.20am 

Please note, this is an ever-changing situation and our advice may change at short notice. We recommend that you check our website regularly for the latest advice.

Following the Government announcement on 12th July and the removal of restrictions, there are changes to the guidance as set out currently and therefore please refer to the current ready to return guidance document and statements below.

From 19th July table tennis will move to the Stage 5 of the Table Tennis England Ready to Return roadmap, which will see the return of doubles play and the return of all competitions. Until 19th July it is important to continue to follow the guidance as set out in the previous Government roadmap, which is detailed below and the guidance document remains available for this stage here.

We will continue to provide updates as necessary and will create new Ready to Return official guidance document and Competitions guidance asap, which will be found here. The key changes from the 19th July have been outlined below:

From 19th July:

  • Removal of all legal limits on social contact and social distancing, meaning that:
    • The 1m+ rule will no longer be in place for sports settings
    • There are no maximum numbers inside indoor sports spaces or how many people can meet together
    • Face coverings are no longer required by law but advised in crowded public spaces
  • Doubles play will be permitted
  • Competitions can resume at all levels (e.g. inc. 3* and 4*), as well as reintroduction of spectators at the organisers’ discretion

What remains in place:

  • Keeping track of attendees at sessions is still important to do as self-isolation requirements remain in place
  • If you have any Covid-19 symptoms, you should self-isolate for at least 10 days from when they start, and arrange to get tested. If you don’t have symptoms, but test positive, you must also self-isolate for at least 10 days
  • The NHS Q-code Track & Trace and hand-sanitisation will remain recommended as good practice

From 16th August:

From 16th August, anyone in England who has had both their Covid jabs will no longer have to self-isolate if a close contact tests positive for Covid.

A PCR test will still need to be taken as soon as possible to make sure they haven’t been infected. As long as that test is negative, and they don’t develop symptoms, they won’t need to take further PCR tests.

However, anyone who tests positive or develops symptoms will still need to self-isolate, regardless of their vaccination status. People who have a second vaccine dose close to 16 August will have to wait two weeks after the jab before following the new rules. This is to allow the vaccination to take full effect.

From 16 August children will also no longer have to self-isolate if a close contact tests positive. Instead they will be advised whether they need to be tested. However, any child who tests positive or develops symptoms will still have to self-isolate.

Current position (as of 17th May)

  • For organised indoor sport and physical activity, there is no limit on group numbers so long as people adhere to capacity restrictions on indoor facilities. The maximum occupancy of each indoor facility should be limited by providing a minimum of 9.29 sq m space (100 sq ft) per person. We now suggest a court size of a minimum of 8mX4m to help maintain social distancing requirements.
  • Facilities: All sports facilities can open. This includes facilities which can be used for sport but are primarily used for leisure.
  • Changing rooms: Changing rooms can open, but participants should be encouraged to avoid or minimise use where possible.
  • Travel: You can leave your home to exercise and take part in informal and organised sport and physical activity. Car sharing will be permitted in Step 3 for sport and physical activity.
  • Hospitality: Clubhouses and facilities that serve food and drink can open. In Step 3, both indoor and outdoor hospitality will be permitted.
  • Local leagues, local competitions and events that include adults are able to re-start, if abiding by the guidelines set out in the Ready to Return Official Guidance document for adult activity and advising players of the recommendations of returning to competitive play. Some national championship events will also take place in this window under strict Covid protocols.
  • No doubles.


When any updated Government guidance is published, we will move as soon as we can to consider what it means for table tennis across the country. We will aim to respond to any changes promptly but we may have to wait for the Government to provide the precise details of their guidance and advice.

Our series of stages through which we anticipate table tennis activity outside of the home resuming are below:

  • Stage 1 – Play and exercise at home and limited outdoor play (where we are now)
  • Stage 2 – Limited club activity
  • Stage 3 – Preparing for localised competition
  • Stage 4 – Local competition resumption
  • Stage 5 – Restricted national competitions

In all matters, the health and wellbeing of all our members, volunteers, suppliers and staff remain the key priority for the Board of Table Tennis England at this time of uncertainty and change.

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