Live Video Link Coming Soon!!

We hope in the future to offer a live video link to our events including matches and tournaments. More information coming soon!

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  1. All Members of New Milton Table Tennis Club Procedures to follow in the event of an incident/accident.

    Dear Members,

    Incident/Accident folders have now been put in place in our three venues.
    Inside each folder are contact numbers, and an incident form. In the unlikely event of an incident or accident, this form should be completed and signed by the person affected and a witness. The completed form then needs to be handed to a committee member or senior member present.

    The committee member then needs to make sure the completed form goes to Bev Scott-Johns, as a copy needs to go to the centre where the accident occurred.

    First Aid kits and Emergency First notes have been posted on the outside of the cupboards where the kits are held. See notes below.

    Mudeford Wood

    First Aid Kit in our own cupboard, inside locker in storage area, also in the kitchen in green case.

    In the event of any incident please post copy of completed form into centre letter box marked

    For the Attention of

    Vicky Fuller. Telephone 075 9762 9668

    Sway Village Hall

    First Aid Kit in kitchen in marked cupboard.

    Report needs to go into red book on table in foyer, or the Lettings Secretary, Mrs Juliet James, 2 Kitchers Close, Sway. SO41 6DS
    Tel: 01590 682 864

    Arnewood School

    First Aid Kit in our cupboard inside the storage area at the end of the gym. A further kit is in the front office near main door.

    The duplicate form needs to be posted into the box outside reception and needs to be addressed ‘For the Attn of Dr Horswell, Heath and Safety Officer. (He is also the Deputy Head at Arnewood)

    If there are any problems on site, then the Site Manager lives in the School House next to the school. His name is Peter Windybank and his mobile is 077 5780 4597

    All Centres

    Non emergency police can always be called on 101, and of course in the event of a medical or criminal emergency 999.

    Drinking water is available at Arnewood, there is a drinking fountain outside the gymnasium, access is out through the main doors and then turn left and go to the side car park.

    Would all members please check all playing areas are safe from hazards before play commences, especially ‘stray’ chairs, balls, bags and belongings.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Julie Smillie, NMTTC Welfare Officer.

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