Table Tennis Assembly at New Milton Junior School

Last Wednesday, 30th May, Shaun Newcomb, James Lewis and Julie Smillie went into New Milton Junior School to give a Table Tennis Assembly; this was linked to the School’s Olympic week.
The assembly started with a playlet set in 1880, where ‘Hugo’ (Shaun), ‘Marmeduke'(James) and ‘Reggie'(Julie) were in the Officers’ Mess supping champagne after dinner. The play went on to use the champagne cork as a ball, a cigar case as a bat and then Hugo suggested that the game might be played on a table, with books used as a net. This was to show the children watching that table tennis was indeed first played in this way and was called ‘Wiff Waff’, which echoed the sound of the cigar box wafting, and wiffing and waffing through the air!
It was quite a sight to see all three wearing authentic army uniform over their New Milton TT shirts, but the fake moustaches were quite difficult to keep on!
The assembly then fast forwarded to the present day, showing the children how the bat has developed. The coaches were pretty sneaky and chose an unsuspecting member of staff to try and return sidespin serves, thankfully his returns went everywhere apart from the table!
After a short demonstration of various shots and a competition involving some of the chidren Shaun then told the assembly about GB’s Olympic hopes and of course he then talked about the Paralympic competition.
At the end it was great to be able to advertise our club and give the children details about the new website.
I (Julie) would like to say a huge thank you to both Shaun and James who gave up their valuable time and who were superb in the playlet.
We are hoping to repear the performance at Hordle School in early July.

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  1. Good post Julie – this is what our website should be all about.

  2. malcolmfloyd

    Excellent post Julie. This is what our website should be all about. Well done to the three of you for what sounds like a lot of fun. Malcolm

  3. Here, here! It really was spiffing fun. Any chance of obtaining a snapshot from one of the teachers, Reggie old chap?

    • julessmillie

      Will try to, half term this week so I will see for next week.

      Did you get back your USB, mine was found in the corridor on Friday!

      I have your magazine here, do you want to pop over to collect it and have a beer ?

      What O, Hugo old chap!!!


  4. Julie’s just sent me some spiffing photo’s of the day – not sure how or even if I could add them to your post Julie – you’d probably have sole editing rights – but how one would add a photo after the event – probably why you asked me to add them!! Anyway, as you will see (hopefully) I’m going to put the best on as a new post..

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