(Harewood College’s Sports Hall)

With the Olympic Flames’ arrival in Bournemouth on Friday 13th July what better day to host Dorset’s Largest Ever School Games Level 3 Table Tennis Tournament!

With 24 match tables,  144 Competitors (from twenty different schools) , 48 female players, 24 newly trained Table Tennis Young Officials and 4 County Umpires…… the scene was set for a fantastic competition.

(Liz Pill, Bournemouth’s SGO, highlighting the wonderful medals up for grabs)

On arrival into the arena, the young players were first wowed by local international players Matt Ware and Hannah Hicks.   Both Hannah and Matt demonstrated why they were at the top of the national game displaying some exhilarating attacking and defensive rallies.  Players were oooohing and aaaahing as Hannah continued to surprise even Matt with her retrieving skills. At the conclusion of their match, each player shared a few pearls of wisdom and some of the wonderful experiences which competitive sport had made possible.

(Matt Ware and Hannah Hicks showing there is more to table tennis than standing around)

Following the exhibition match, a few tips of guidance were given to the players, the Players Oath was proclaimed and matches commenced.

For this Level 3 School Games Tournament it was decided to run competitions for the U12 and U14 age groups. With the desire to encourage new schools to participate, the boys’ competition was also banded into two. Each School team comprised of two players, of which, both would play a singles and a doubles against the other teams in their group.  The winner of each group would then progress to the semi-finals.

Spectators and teachers alike were entertained by some incredible matches with both players and volunteers epitomising the Olympic values. As the final stages of the tournament emerged the matches got closer and closer…….

(Players and Junior Umpire Watching on with interest)

(Match of the Day: Doubles clincher in the U12s Final between Cranborne and Ferndown Middle)

Final Results

U12 Girls

Gold:  Allenbourne School

Silver:  Highcliffe School

Bronze: Bournemouth School for Girls

(Mrs Godfrey-Phaure, Executive Head of Harewood kindly presenting the medals)

U12s Boys (Band 2)

Gold Cranborne 2

Silver Harewood 2

Bronze Bethany

U12s Boys (Band 1)

Gold Cranborne 1

Silver Ferndown Middle School

Allenbourne Middle School

 U14 Girls

Gold Budmouth College, Weymouth

Silver Queen Elizabeth

Bronze Glenmoor 1

U14 Boys Band 2

Gold Cranbourne 3

Silver Bournemouth School for Boys  2

Bronze Bishop of Winchester 1

U14 Boys Band 1

Gold Harewood College

Silver Cranborne 1

Bronze Poole Grammar

(Presentation of certificates to each school)

Many thanks as always to the dedicated and tireless extraordinary volunteers from Bournemouth!

Let’s hope the legacy of the Olympics continues to inspire Dorset to greatness!

James Lewis (ETTA Dorset Development Coach)

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