Poor Week For New Milton Table Tennis Club (Week 2 Results)

The New Milton Table Tennis Club could only come up with one win out of their seven matches in the Bournemouth and District League last week, the other results being five defeats and a draw. The gloom was slightly lifted as new signing Matthew Winter scored a hat-trick in his league debut for the H team in Div 4. He was joined in his treble by Peter Daish and Frank Handy as they helped their G team to a 9-1 away victory over Nimrod A in Div 3. The full results are below:-


 Merton A 8 New Milton A 2

(Patrick Hurley 2) (Steve Hemmings 1)

(Norman Swift 3) (Brian Bickell 0)

(Mark Smith 3) (Max De Kment 0)


 New Milton D 1 Merton C 9

(Terry Jenvey 1) (Ian Robertson 3)

(Robert Fagan 0) (Richard Stroud 2)

(Chris Pusey 0) (Phil Beeden 3)


 New Milton F 2 Ringwood B 8

(Malcolm Nash 0) (Steve Heap 2)

(Sylvia Smith 1) (Dennis Elkins 2)

(Ian Linney 1) (Phil Smith 3)

 Nimrod A 1 New Milton G 9

(Nick Dobbs 1) (Peter Daish 3)

(Stuart Harrison 0) (Bobo Jiang 2)

David Eaton 0) (Frank Handy 3)


 New Milton H 5 Bmth Sports S 5

(Matthew Winter 3) (Gavin Coppard 2)

(Les Smith 1) (Andre Coppard 2)

(Luke Gurton 1) (Jake Simpson 0)


 Shamrock C 6 New Milton J 4

(Frank Godfrey 2) (Sam Watkins 1)

(Graeme Smith 0) (Geoffrey Biggs 2)

(David Arbuckle 3) (Keith Kensley 1)

 Nimrod C 10 New Milton K 0

(Jim Vials 3) (Sibyl Bartlett 0)

(Chris Courage 3) (Sue Wootton-Freeman 0)

(Mike Melaniphy 3) (Richard Brockbank 0)

About Malcolm Floyd FCMA, CGMA

Retired Accountant. Ardent Saints fan! New Milton TTC Treasurer and Press Secretary. Winner of the ETTA Press Officer of the Year 2009. BDTTA Results Secretary.

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