First Aid

First Aid Kits are located at both New Milton Table Tennis Club’s venues. (The Grange and Mudeford Wood)

Both kits are in the club’s storage cupboards, located within the main storage area.  Along with the First Aid Kits are Incident files, these need to be completed if an incident occurs and the Welfare Officer and Secretary should then be notified.

There are several trained First Aiders who are members of the club, currently these players are: Julie Smillie, Lyn Willrich, Shaun Newcomb, James Lewis, Peter Daish, Andrew Stainton, and Bev Scott-Johns.

Please note, all players must wear appropriate footwear and clothing when playing at either venue and all safety procedures must be followed, such as keeping paying areas clear and removing spare balls from the floor,

No junior player may go unattended to the toilet block at The Grange.  A DBS adult, or parent must accompany them, and wait outside before accompanying them back into the main playing hall.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Julie Smillie (Welfare Officer May 2015)

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