15 year old Jack Fisher bagged a hat-trick to help his K team (Div 5) to a rare victory as they beat Merton J 6-4 in their own back yard. Further heroics came in Div 5 as hat-tricks from Richard Ursell and Keith Kensley helped propel their J team to the top of the division. Not such good news at the opposite end of the league as the club’s top three teams all lost, including the A team’s whitewash at the hands of the Premier leaders. The full results are below:-


Bmth Sports A 10 New Milton A 0

(Nathan Bingham 2) (Brian Bickell 0)

(James Whitehorn 2) (Steve Hemmings 0)

(Stephen Foster 2)


New Milton B 1 Bmth Sports G 9

(Zoltan Barath 1) (Kwai Keung Chan 2)

(Julie Smillie 0) (Louie La 3)

(Matthew Daish 0) (Bill Broome 3)

Winton YMCA A 7 New Milton C 3

(Julian Hewlett 3) (Max De Kment 1)

(Ekaterina Maksimenko 2) (James Lewis 2)

(Martin Poulson 1) (Gerard Redman 0)


Broadstone 4 New Milton G 6

(Brian Vincent 1) (Bobo Jiang 1)

(Peter Ives 1) (Peter Daish 1)

(Ruth Atkin 2) (Frank Handy 3)

New Milton F 5 Nimrod A 5

(Lewis Reading 0) (Stuart Harrison 1)

(Sylvia Smith 2) (David Eaton 2)

(Malcolm Nash 2) (Gad Rubin 2)

New Milton E 8 Merton E 2

(Simon Golding 3) (Andrew King 0)

(Clive Pitts 2) (Stuart King 1)

(Dave Sutton 3) (Les Suss 0)


New Milton H 3 Shamrock A 7

(Danny Williams 1) (Paul Allen 2)

(Luke Gurton 2) (Michael Rothwell 2)

(John Parkhouse 0) (David Stanbridge 2)


Bmth Sports U 1 New Milton J 9

(Wendy Hall 1) (Malcolm Douglas 2)

(Lyn Baker 0) (Richard Ursell 3)

(Karen Kelly 0) (Keith Kensley 3)

Merton J 4 New Milton K 6

(Jean Watson 1) (Andrew Stainton 1)

(Allen Fitzpatrick 0) (Jack Fisher 3)

(Maggie Brown 2) (Sibyl Bartlett 2)

About Malcolm Floyd FCMA, CGMA

Retired Accountant. Ardent Saints fan! New Milton TTC Treasurer and Press Secretary. Winner of the ETTA Press Officer of the Year 2009. BDTTA Results Secretary.

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