After failing to come up with a single win the previous week, the New Milton Club’s teams chalked up a very impressive six wins out of ten matches last week. The B team in Div 1 were gifted a 10-0 victory and four points as Lynwood A were sadly unable to put out a side. Five of Milton’s teams (C, D, E G & H) were relieved to get off the mark with their first wins of the season, and the K team were ascloseasthis in joining them in the pantheon of latter-day victors. Milton were 5-4 up going into the doubles when Lucy Craddock and Fern Daish took on the Bourne pairing of Jonathan Gibson and Adam Garraway. The ladies, buoyed up by their two singles wins each, were hitting very well and they were level pegging at 2-2 after the fourth set. Victory was not to be however as the fifth and final set just slipped from their grasp as they just lost by 9-11.

daish 25-10-2009 20-38-49 25-10-2009 19-42-57

Fern Daish came up with two wins for her K team


Full results are below:-


Bmth Sports A 7 New Milton A 3

(Ben Cawston 2, Matthew Daish 0, Phil Handy 1)


New Milton B 10 Lynwood A 0

NB: Match conceded by Lynwood A.


Bmth Sports G 4 New Milton C 6

(Matthew Winter 2, Svet Ignatov, 1, David Cuddon 2)

New Milton D 7 Lynwood C 3

(Chris Pusey 2, Terry Jenvey 2, Bob Fagan 2)

New Milton E 9 Merton F 1

(Frank Handy 3, Bobo Jiang 2, Peter Daish 3)


New Milton F 5 Bmth Sports L 5

(Sylvia Smith 0, Ian Linney 2, Malcolm Nash 2)

Bmth Sports K 2 New Milton G 8

(Bev Scott-Johns 2, Simon Golding 2, Clive Pitts 1)


New Milton H 7 Bmth Sports N 3

(Dave Strike 3, Les Smith 1, John Parkhouse 2)


New Milton K 5 Bmth Sports P 5

(Alex Whitehead 1, Lucy Craddock 2, Fern Daish 2)

Bmth Sports S 9 New Milton L 1

(Sibyl Bartlett 0, Dane Major 1, Richard Clampin 0)

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Retired Accountant. Ardent Saints fan! New Milton TTC Treasurer and Press Secretary. Winner of the ETTA Press Officer of the Year 2009. BDTTA Results Secretary.

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