Another Golden Performance From Golding! (Week 6 Matches)

The New Milton Table Tennis Club’s teams were only able to register three wins out of their nine matches in the Bournemouth and District League last week.

There were some terrific individual performances once again however, with the G team’s Simon Golding recording his second hat-trick to help his side to only their second victory in Div 3. Golding capped his evening by helping Bev Scott-Johns to win the doubles to make it 7-3. Malcolm Floyd came up with his second hat-trick in a row as he captained his C team to victory in Div 2.


Dave Strike is scoring hat-tricks for fun in Div 4 as he helped his H team to hold Merton J to a 5-5 draw, and 15 year old Peter Daish is doing likewise for his unbeaten E team in Div 2. Full results details are below:-


Bmth Sports F 4 New Milton C 6

(Matt Winter 2, Svet Ignatov 1, Malcolm Floyd 3)

New Milton D 3 Ringwood A 7

(Terry Jenvey 2, Roy Hobbs 0, Bob Fagan 1)

North Bmth 4 New Milton E 6

(Simon Daish 1, Simon Golding 0, Peter Daish 3)


New Milton F 2 Ringwood B 8

(Ian Linney 1, Sylvia Smith 1, Malcolm Nash 0)

Bmth Sports H 3 New Milton G 7

(Simon Golding 3, Mike Roberts 1, Bev Scott-Johns 2)


New Milton H 5 Merton J 5

(Dave Strike 3, Les Smith 0, Danny Williams 1)

Nimrod A 6 New Milton J 4

(Keith Kensley 1, Mike Roberts 2, Dee Flanagan 1)


New Milton K 1 Merton L 9

(Fern Daish 0, Lucy Craddock 0, Lynn Willrich 1)

Nimrod C 8 New Milton L 2

(Richard Clampin 0, Richard Brockbank 2)

About Malcolm Floyd FCMA, CGMA

Retired Accountant. Ardent Saints fan! New Milton TTC Treasurer and Press Secretary. Winner of the ETTA Press Officer of the Year 2009. BDTTA Results Secretary.

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