The New Milton Table Tennis Club had a poor week in the Bournemouth and District league as they could only muster one win out of ten matches. In their last match of the season, the E team were held to a 5-5 draw against Bmth Sports G whom they walloped by 8-2 at home in the first round of matches. Milton had been top of Div 2 for most of the season but a poor run of results in the run-up deprived them of a promotion slot as they dropped out of the top two.

The C team, also in Div 2, were the only Milton side to register a win as their 8-2 hammering of North Bmth in their penultimate match vastly improved on their first round draw. The C team needed at least a 8-2 win from their last match (against the D team) to take over third place from their club mates in the E team. This looked a tall order as the C’s lost 4-6 first time around but they did it in style as they walloped the D team 9-1 to end up in third place.

A special mention for promising new signing Bill Collinge who marked his Div 5 debut with an impressive hat-trick which gave his L team a point in their 3-7 defeat by Shamrock B in Div 5. Also worthy of a mention in despatches is England veteran Brian Bickell (pictured below) who scored a hat-trick for his B side in Div 1, and new signing Alex Whitehead who played up a division but still came up with a treble for the H team in Div 4.


Full results details are below:-

New Milton A 5 Merton A 5
(Umit Kaya 1, Matthew Daish 2, Phil Handy 2)

Winton YMCA C 6 New Milton B 4
(Brian Bickell 3, Zoltan Karip-Barath 1, John Millward 0)

New Milton C 8 North Bmth 2
(Matt Winter 2, Svet Ignatov 2, Dave Cuddon 3)

Bmth Sports G 5 New Milton E 5
(Bobo Jiang 0, Simon Daish 2, Frank Handy 3)

Merton H 5 New Milton F 5
(Ian Linney 2, Sylvia Smith 1, Eddie Tompkins 1)

New Milton G 4 Breamore 6
(Simon Golding 1, Clive Pitts 2, Bev Scott-Johns 1)

Merton K 5 New Milton H 5
(Alex Whitehead 3, John Parkhouse 0, Kai Major 2)

New Milton J 2 Shamrock A 8
(Lynn Willrich 0, Mike Roberts 2, Geoff Biggs 0)

Shamrock C 5 New Milton K 5
(Lynn Willrich 2, Lisa McGivney 0, Campbell Golding 2)

New Milton L 3 Shamrock B 7
(Sibyl Bartlett 0, Sue Wootton-Freeman 0, Bill Collinge 3)

About Malcolm Floyd FCMA, CGMA

Retired Accountant. Ardent Saints fan! New Milton TTC Treasurer and Press Secretary. Winner of the ETTA Press Officer of the Year 2009. BDTTA Results Secretary.

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