The New Milton Table Tennis Club could only muster three wins out of ten matches in the Bournemouth and District league last week, one of them coming at the expense of one of their own teams in a Div 5 derby. The other results were three draws and four defeats, one of them a whitewash for the B team in the Premier.

The club’s best performance came in Div 3 as the G team saw off Bmth Sports L 7-3 in their own back yard at Chapel Gate, a repeat of Milton’s last week’s scoreline. Captain Graham Underwood came up with his second hat-trick, impressive new signing Ben Greene played up a division to bag a brace and Bev Scott-Johns chipped in with the one win. Greene also came up with his first league hat-trick to help his own J team take a point off Merton J in their 4-6 defeat in Div 4. Greene (pictured below) has really made his mark on the club since joining, especially as he travels up from Shaftesbury to take part in league matches and practice.


Div 1 saw the C team beat Merton D 6-4 down at the Grange School, Somerford thanks to a maiden hat-trick from new signing Rob Blackmore and a brace from fellow new recruit Andy Tipsana. The doubles were needed for the victory, and Blackmore and Tipsana duly obliged over four sets.

The K team (Mike Gent, Malcolm Douglas & Geoff Biggs) claimed bragging rights over their club mates in the L team (James Harper, Adam Titcombe & Stuart Burton) as they beat them 6-4 in their Div 5 derby. Captain Douglas came up with a maiden brace as did Biggs, and Gent added one more to the tally. The light in the tunnel for the L team was a maiden hat-trick from promising new signing, 13 year old Adam Titcombe, and one win from 14 year old James Harper. The Kays needed the doubles to secure the victory and Douglas & Biggs combined clinically to beat captain Stuart Burton and young Harper in three straight sets. 

Full results details are shown below:-


Bmth Sports C 5 New Milton A 5

(Brian Vibert 2, Russell Wilson 2, Paul Iliffe 0)

New Milton B 0 Bmth Sports A 10

(Shaun Newcomb 0, John Millward 0, John Hook 0)


New Milton C 6 Merton D 4

(Paul Iliffe 0, Andy Tipsana 2, Rob Blackmore 3)


Bmth Sports G 6 New Milton D 4

(Terry Jenvey 2, Malcolm Floyd 1, Bob Fagan 1)

New Milton E 4 Merton F 6

(Simon Golding 1, Jack Trafford 1, Peter Daish 2)


Merton H 5 New Milton F 5

(Steve Cheesman 3, Sylvia Smith 1, Mike Roberts 1)

Bmth Sports L 3 New Milton G 7

(Graham Underwood 3, Ben Greene 2, Bev Scott-Johns 1)


New Milton H 5 Winton YMCA C 5

(Dave Sutton 3, Les Smith 1, Eddie Tompkins 1)

Merton J 6 New Milton J 4

(Lynn Willrich 0, Ben Greene 3, John Parkhouse 1)


New Milton K 6 New Milton L 4

(K Team: Mike Gent 1, Malcolm Douglas 2, Geoff Biggs 2)

(L Team: James Harper 1, Adam Titcombe 3, Stuart Burton 0)

About Malcolm Floyd FCMA, CGMA

Retired Accountant. Ardent Saints fan! New Milton TTC Treasurer and Press Secretary. Winner of the ETTA Press Officer of the Year 2009. BDTTA Results Secretary.

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